In the Member Dashboard, you’ll three tabs at the top of the page: 

  • Details
  • Team
  • Projects
  • Products
  1. Details: Edit all the fundamental information about your brand.
  • LOGO: Upload an image for your logo (.JPEG .PNG files are best), cropped to 100x100 px.
  • BRAND NAME: Your brand’s name as you’d like it to appear on Architizer
  • PRIMARY URL: For example
  • HERO IMAGES: Upload three featured images that best represent your brand.
  • DESCRIPTION: Write a description of your brand and products. The more information you include, the more searchable your brand is on the platform. 
  • PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Select the categories that best characterize your products. You can include as many relevant categories as needed.
  • CONTACT INFORMATION: Add your email, physical address, phone numbers, and social handles. 
  • REFERENCE LINKS: If there are any articles written about your brand that you would like to showcase, this is where you can add them.

2. Team: Add new team members and edit team member permissions.

  • ADD TEAM MEMBERS: Enter their full name or email address. When adding multiple team members, use commas. 
  • EDIT PERMISSIONS: To edit the permissions of an existing team member, simply click the edit icon, and a pop up will appear. Here you can set the individuals permissions, or remove access entirely.

3. Projects: Connect your brand to projects on Architizer, where your products have been featured. These are sorted based on the date that the Project connection was added.  Learn more about project connections.

4. Products: In this section you can list and describe all your product offerings with thumbnail images, the product’s catalog name, and a short description (150 words). These are also sorted based on the date the Product was added.

By clicking 'Upload' you can add all your product listings to your Member profile.

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