In your Dashboard, you’ll see four tabs at the top of the page: 

  • Details
  • Team
  • Projects
  • Products
  • Tags

Connect your brand to completed projects uploaded to the Architizer Database, where your products have been specified in the past. 

Before typing in a project in the “Add projects using your products” bar, search the Architizer database to verify whether the project you want to connect to is in the Architizer database. 

  1. Type in the project you are looking for in the black Search Bar in the top navigation, to search the Architizer Database.
  2. If you’ve found the project you are looking for, navigate to its page and copy the project name as it appears on the page, or copy the project’s address.
  3. Navigate back to your Member Dashboard > Projects
  4. Paste the project name into the “Add projects using your products” search bar.
  5. Select the project connection from the drop-down.

The project will appear immediately under your profile. 

Note: You can also remove Project Connections from your Brand Dashboard by hovering over the project name, pressing the blue pencil icon, and selecting "remove" 

Architects who used your products can also create project connections on their end.
When an architect mentions your product on their Project Page, the project is automatically connected to your Member Profile

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