In your Dashboard, you’ll see four tabs at the top of the page: 

  • Details
  • Team
  • Projects
  • Products
  • Tags


Upload a selection of your products for architects to browse on your Member Profile. These are sorted based on the date the Product was added. You can add and remove your brand's Products here. 

Click 'Add a Product' to create a new Product 

Fill in the form with a product name and short description (150 Words)

Upload images of the product directly from your computer. 

Note that for images we recommend JPG/ JPEG, PNG, TIFF and for sizing 640x480 px (or at least maintaining that aspect ratio).  In the grid of Products the images are rendered as 500x500px, so the images will be slightly cropped. There is no file size limit, but for best on-screen resolution we recommend uploading the highest-res possible.

If any of your products ever change, you can delete old photos, and upload new ones. And you may select which image is the best to showcase each product. Choosing a hero image for every item and ensuring it appears in its best light is key to having a complete Brand Profile.


Tag your products with relevant attributes and key words to help them appear in our Product search results. You can add information on product category, material, application, and performance. If you don't see the tag you're looking for in the suggested options, you can select "Create option" and make a new tag. The final "Tags" section lets you add tags that do not fit in the previous categories.

Click 'save' to add the product to your Member Profile. 

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