If you have an existing Firm Profile and Firm Administrator account, you are now able to create an entry for the A+Awards directly from your Firm's Project page.

You can check to see if your company has an existing Firm Profile by searching our firm directory. If you would like administrator access to that profile, you can follow the instructions in this support article.

How to Get Started

  • Navigate to your Firm Profile and open the Project page that you would like to enter by clicking the project thumbnail.

  • Once you are on the project page, click the yellow button located at the bottom right corner that says "Enter The 9th A+Awards".

  • You will then see a pop up with details about the process.

Project Information

  • Our system will automatically fill in most of the information on the application based on the project's available information.
    - i.e. Project Name, Firm Name, Project Location, Project Year, etc.

  • For each entry, there is a 300 word limit for the Project Description.
    - The first 300 words of your project description will be added to the application.
    - Once created, all aspects of the application can be edited until the final submission.

Selecting Project Images

  • If there are more than 12 images for your project, you can click the green "Select Images" button which will bring you back to the Project page.
    - If there are less than 12 images, all of the images will be automatically added to the application.
    - If you proceed without selecting images, the first 12 images will be automatically added to the application.

  • Each image thumbnail has a "Select Image" checkbox in the top right corner, select the images that you would like to be included in your application.
    - A maximum of 12 images can be selected.

  • Once selected, click the yellow "Enter The 9th A+Awards" button again.

Create the Draft Application

  • To finalize the transfer, click the green "Create Application" button.

  • There will be a loading page for 30 - 60 seconds while the information is transferred, please stay on the page.

  • Once finalized, you will see a confirmation page with a green checkmark.

  • Click on the green "Open Application" button in order to view and update your new application.

Important Reminders

  • Completing this process does not automatically submit your project to the A+Awards, it creates an incomplete application.

  • You are able to edit and update all aspects of the application once it has been created on the entry site.

  • All final submissions to the A+Awards occur on the A+Awards entry site.

  • You can manually start a new application directly on the A+Awards entry site.

Check out the A+Awards FAQ for general questions or reach out to our team at awards@architizer.com.

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