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How to add images to your Brand Profile Gallery

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Brand Galleries let you showcase images of your products and the projects they've been used in.

You must be logged into your Architizer account and have brand administrator privileges in order to upload images to the Brand Gallery.
Need access? Click the chat box in the corner or email support@architizer.com.

Uploading Images

To access the Brand Gallery, navigate to your brand's public profile page. Click "Add New Photo" to start uploading images.

Drag your images into the uploading tool or add them by file name. You can also sync photos from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Image Guidelines
The maximum file size per image is 10MB. You can upload PNG and JPG files. The images appear in the gallery with a 4:3 ratio, in a grid 4 images wide. When you click into them individually, they are 5:3

Image Order
The order the files are listed in the upload window dictates which the order the images appear in your Brand Gallery. If you are uploading multiple images at once, please add the image you'd like to appear at the top of your gallery first in the upload window. 

As you continue to upload images to your profile, the newer ones will be pushed to the front. 

Editing Images

Click "Edit" to crop or rotate the image. Please note - you can only edit the image's appearance when you initially upload it. We recommend cropping the image to a rectangle to fit the Brand Gallery dimensions. 

Adding Details

Once you click "Upload," you'll be prompted to add details about the images. These fields are not required, but they give visitors more information on the photos and will help make the images more discoverable on our site.

Click "Save and Edit Next Photo" to store the changes. If you'd like to edit these details after hitting save, you can do so by going back to your Brand Profile and hovering over the image. An "Edit" button will appear. 

You can also delete photos by clicking "Delete Photo" in the corner.

Please click the chat box in the corner or email
support@architizer.com with any questions.

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