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For Manufacturers:

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Click your name in the top right hand corner of the site and choose your company from the dropdown menu. This will bring you to your Brand Dashboard. In your Dashboard, you’ll see five tabs at the top of the page: 

  • Details

  • Team

  • Projects

  • Products

  • Tags


Add new team members and edit team member permissions.

Add Team Members

Enter the email address of the person you'd like to invite to join your team. When adding multiple team members, use commas. 

If your team member already has an Architizer account, you can type their name to add them. 

Edit Permissions

To edit the permissions of an existing team member, click the pencil icon over their name, and a pop up will appear. Here you can set the individual's permissions or remove their access to your company profile entirely.
NOTE: Only Admins have access to the Dashboard. If you'd like your team member to be able to edit your profile and products, add them as an Admin.

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