Locate the Product Response Form at the bottom of the Opportunity page. 

1. Estimate a Price Range and Lead Time

Pricing and Lead Time are required fields for all responses; however, your submission on Architizer is not an official quote.  Give your best estimate at how long it may take for the product to be delivered and the cost per unit, and feel free to explain these numbers in the Description.

2. Fill in the Description

Think of the Description as the body of your email.  Explain why your product is a good fit and how it addresses the architect’s criteria.  Feel free to paste in any external links.

3. Upload your Attachments

We always recommend including images or PDFs when Sending a Product. Architects are visual people, and when your product is delivered to their inbox, these are front and center.  

4. Additional Details

Did the architect provide specific criteria in their search like their preferred color, finish or application method? Use this section to select details that prove your product meets their needs. 

Save your submission as a Draft if you would like to make revisions and submit it later. 

Once you send your product, you can  find the Conversation in your Message Center, where you can chat with the architect directly.

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