Daily Digest

The Daily Digest email highlights the newest Opportunities in each of your Product Categories.  We always suggest also browsing the Opportunities Feed so you don’t miss out on anything that might not have been included.


You will receive an email from membership@architizer.com alerting you each time you have a new Message from an architect. The email will link directly to the Conversationin your Message Center.

You'll receive Messages when:

  • Your Product has been Shortlisted
  • Your Product had been Dismissed
  • Your Product has been Logged
  • An architect has Requested Samples
  • An Architect has sends a note via our chat modal

Logged Products

Being Logged means that an Architect has either found your product through their own research, or that the product was recommended by one of Architizer's Materials Experts. This automatically creates a conversation thread in your Message Centerwhere you can chat directly with the architect.

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