Your Member Profile contains all of your brand’s information that is visible on Architizer. You can edit this information by navigating to your Brand Dashboard.

In the Member Profile, you’ll three tabs at the top of the page: 

  • About
  • Projects
  • Products

About: This is the core information on your Brand and the default view for your profile. 


  1. LOGO, NAME, and URL: Your company's core information is always visible in the top left section of the page. For the URL you don't have to include https://, just free text. EX: not 
  2. TELEPHONE button: clicking on it will open a small modal containing all the phone numbers associated with the brand. It's an easy way for architects looking at your page to reach you if they need/want.
  3. 'SEND MESSAGE' button: Clicking the “Send Message” button will open a modal form that displays:
    Brand Name
    Brand Logo
    Pro badge
    # of reps (Brand Admins, Sales Reps, and Sales Admins associated with the Brand)
    Avatars of up to 5 reps. Placeholder avatars displayed if the user did not specify an avatar image.
    When you are sent a message you will receive an email at the address associated with your Brand, and you can respond to the user via email.
  4. DETAILS: Includes the number of ‘Firms Using This Brand’ based on your project connections, which Categories you specialize in, and your brand’s Social Links.
  5. CATEGORIES: These are the Pseudo Tiers you or a team member assigned to your Brand. 
  6. HERO IMAGES: These are your three images that best showcase your brand and products. 
  7. DESCRIPTION: A description of your brand and products. The more information you include, the more searchable your brand is on the platform.

5. FIRMS USING THIS BRAND: Indicates all the firms that have used your products in their projects based on your project connections.
6. PROJECTS IN PROGRESS: Illustrates your brand’s marketplace activity in real-time, including the project name, location, design phase, and current status of your product responses. These are the projects your Brand has sent products to. Because Architizer logs on behalf of brands, this number may be higher than you expect.

7. SIMILAR BRANDS: Are the Brands our search algorithm has determined are similar to your Brand. The similarity is determined based on Pseudotiers, and Keywords associated with the searches your team has responded to.
8. LINKS: Articles that reference your brand and showcase your products. 

You can always edit this information logged in as an admin in your Member Dashboard. Learn more about the Dashboard here.

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