1. The Daily Digest

The Daily Digest email highlights the newest Opportunities in each of your Product Categories.  We always suggest also browsing the Opportunities Feed so you don’t miss out on anything that might not have been included.

2. Browsing the Opportunities Feed

Use the Search Bar located at the top of the Opportunities Feed to search keywords, or use the Filters located above the search bar.  You can also filter Opportunities that you have already interacted with on the left, by status. Clicking on Favorited, Drafts, Replied or Shortlisted will only show you the Opportunities in each of those statuses.

You can select different types of Filters based on your search needs: Categories, Project Phase, Price, Project Location, Firm Location, Project Type.

  • CATEGORIES: will allow you to sort based on the product type
  • PROJECT PHASE: will sort Opportunities based on the status of the project for which products are being sourced
  • PRICE: will sort based on the architect's / firm's budget 
  • PROJECT LOCATION: will let you sort projects based on where the project is located (by city)
  • FIRM LOCATION: will sort projects based on where the leading firm is located (by state)
  • PROJECT TYPE: will allow you to see Opportunities based on the type of project 

Additionally, Project Phase and Project Location are displayed on each Opportunity in the feed (if the architect has specified that information), making it easier for you to select the right Opportunities.

On the right hand side, you will see Reference Images if the architect has added one to their request.

3. Email notifications when your product is Logged

Being Logged means that an Architect has either found your product through their own research, or that the product was recommended by one of Architizer's Materials Experts. This automatically creates a conversation thread in your Message Center where you can chat directly with the architect.

Being Logged does not mean that your product has been Shortlisted, only that it is being reviewed alongside other options.

If you have any additional questions about the Opportunity Feed, or anything else on your Member Profile, you can always navigate to our help center from the feed.

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