Architizer as an Organizational Tool

Architizer helps keep all your firm’s product information organized in one convenient place – the more Searches you create, the more useful it becomes for your team. With Architizer you can:

  • 👯 Review product options side by side
  • 🌲 Keep an evergreen record of past product options
  • 👥 Easily share product info between teammates
  • 💼 Present to both teammates and clients

We can find anything

Challenge us!  Did you know Architizer can help you find all sorts of stuff? 🔎  Here are just a few of the things Architects have searched for on our site:

  • Car elevator for city building
  • Doggy door for private residence
  • Bullet proof glass for police station windows
  • Tiger urine resistant flooring for zoo application (yes, really 🐯)

A Search can also answer different types of questions, like:

  • What brands make this?
  • How does this compare to other options?
  • Is there a similar product with a better price?
  • Does this product even exist? 🤔

We take up 0️⃣ shelf space

Architizer is much more efficient than a traditional material library.  Say good-bye to that closet full of samples, and hello to the cloud ☁️

And last but not least…

Architizer is evolving

And we truly appreciate your enthusiastic use!  The more you put into our system, the smarter it becomes. 🤓  Help us build an invaluable tool for the future of Architecture!

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