Create a Search on Architizer to find products and materials for your project. Here's a few quick tips for making high quality searches and ensuring responses from manufacturers and experts. 

1. Click into one of your Projects, then +Create New Search. 

  • Pro Tip: It's important to always make one search for each product you need. Example: Rather than creating a search for Living Room Furniture, make separate searches for Sofas, Credenzas, Armchairs, and Coffee tables.  You’ll get more product options and stay better organized on the site.

2. Describe what you're looking for and click Continue

3. Edit your Title - use this field to help building-product manufacturers understand what you need (ex: glass blocks)

  • Pro Tip: Your Title should clearly explain what you’re looking for in a few words - our suggestions will show successful precedents.  The number of products tells you how many matches exist in our database, and can be surfaced immediately.

4. Make sure your Quantity is appropriate for the application and product, and don’t forget to select a Type from the dropdown of units and dimensions.

5. Select the Price Range you are looking for by clicking one of the 3 buttons (Low - Mid - High)

6. Add Attachments to illustrate the aesthetic you’re seeking. These can include reference images, renderings or spec sheets. An image is worth a thousand words - don't forget this important step!

7. Next, specify Color, Material, Finish, Application, Format, and add any Additional Criteria you may want to provide.
For example, you can explain here how you plan to use this product, and any restrictions that might exist. The more detail you enter, the better your results will be. You can also point out reference brands and specific products you like, so we can recommend similar ones.

Note: if you select into a standardized search name via the search Title typeahead (ex: “copper kitchen sink”), the Search Details form will automatically recommend relevant tags. The more tags you use, the more relevant the results will be for Related Products

8. Add a description if there is anything that was not covered in the form about what you are looking for.

9. Click Publish.  Once your Product Search is published, you may see Related Products (BETA) appear. 

A great search looks like this:

See: Related Products (BETA) to learn more.

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